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Trippie Red

I worked as a Styling Assistant at the Viper Magazine Spread with The Platinum-selling Artist Trippie Redd. and this entailed working on the prep pre-shoot and assisting on set.I worked alongside the Editors at Viper Magazine as I was entrusted with being the first onset to liaise with the Photographer.

King Kenny

Having worked on countless projects with Shocka, the duo decided to collaborate on creating some epic visuals for Shocka’s EP Single ” King Kenny”.


Styled By Ezekixl Akinnewu. The artist wanted a style that was more contemporary without losing the touch or flamboyance of being African.

Opposites Attract

Directed by James Loach, Ezekixl assisted in Styling different pieces provided by brands invested in the project.

OurStory Magazine

OurStory Magazine Editorial – Styled By Ezekixl Akinnewu